Sunday, 2 September 2012

Hot Nights with Neighbour

Hi! Readers I am Swati having a good voluptuous figure 36-28-40 although I am 40 yrs, I look 5 years younger. I am married but my husband has slowly lost interest in sex and avoids me. My next door neighbour is Mr. Baxi (all names changed); he is a very timid person. He is 5 ft, medium built, polite soft spoken and very shy in nature. He is married but his wife Geetanjali is very dominating. Out of curiosity, I used to wonder how Mr. Baxi used to perform in bed with Geetanjali.I guess his wife must be taking all the initiative. One fine day, I saw Geetanjali rushing to the bus stand with her luggage, on inquiring; I came to know that she was required to visit her sick Father atIndore. Few hours ago my husband had left for an out of station training programme for 3 days. I was wondering how I would kill my time, so I got an idea. I knocked on Nr Baxi’s door and invited him for dinner. Initially he was hesitant, but finally agreed. I purposely wore a loose fitting low necked night dress and purposely did not wear any bra or panty inside. My melon like breasts could be seen from top.Mr Baxi could not take his eyes off them. I could see a strange glint in his eyes. I could feel that he was visualizing me without clothes. I went inside the kitchen to warm the food; Mr Baxi followed me inside the kitchen on the pretext of helping me. To my pleasant surprise, he strongly hugged me from behind. I could feel his pistol like penis as he pressed his body against my big soft buttocks. I turned around and kissed him. He forced his tongue inside my mouth and I also reciprocated by darting my tongue inside his mouth.Baxi started dragging me towards our bed room, I told him that we should eat first and have sex to his fulfillment. But Shailendra was very assertive; he did not listen and started moving his hands over my eager body. He mercilessly crushed my breasts over the thin dress, at the same time he was kissing me on my neck. I helped him in removing my dress. He had already removed his Kurta and pyjama and I was shocked to see his penis which was nearly 8” inches long & very thick. He pushed me on the bed and clambered over me, he continued crushing my breast and started pinching my nipple, which had become erect with excitement. I told him to be gentle but he was possessed by his desire. He continued pressing my boobs; alternatively he sucked them and also bit me lightly on my shoulders. I was overcome with pleasure and was moaning loudly,”AAh, crush me in your arms”. Now his head was moving down, he was kissing my navel, licking my tummy and was kissing my cunt lightly, he slowly parted the cunt lips and inserted his fingers into my already wet throbbing cunt.He located my clitoris played with it, I was experiencing orgasm for the first time in my life. I whispered into his ears to enter me, He positioned his throbbing penis on the entrance of my wet cunt, after placing a pillow below my large buttocks. He gave a push and his huge pulsating penis entered my vagina. Initially I experienced pain, as I was not used to having sex with such a large penis but gradually started enjoying. Shailendra was deeply thrusting inside me and I was also lifting my hips giving him encouragement. The room was filled with our love making noises, I was moaning loudly with pleasure and Shailendra was grunting as he thrusted me deeply. After few minutes, he increased his tempo, I felt like I was being torn into pieces and was clinging to him. He grunted loudly and released his sperms inside me. He must have pumped nearly half litre of his creamy, sticky semen into my womb. I was totally contented after a long time. After few minutes I asked whether we should have our dinner, but he simply started kissing me fiercely and said he was not finished, he kissed me from top to bottom re-igniting desire from my body. I could feel his erect penis against my smooth milky thighs, I thought he would again enter me in the missionary position, but he turned me around and made me sleep on my tummy, he started fingering my anus, I was horrified, but Shailendra kissed me and assured me that he would be very gentle. He took a cream bottle from my dressing table,applied some on his throbbing erect penis and also liberally applied the cream on my anal opening. He positioned his penis and pushed it little I cried out in pain, he kissed me on my back and licked my ear lobes. After some time he pushed more strongly, I screamed out in pain, but now he had started the to and fro motion and I was engulfed with waves of strange pleasure, which I had never enjoyed before. After few minutes we both climaxed together, I could feel his sticky semen squirting inside me & I enjoyed it. We both slept in the same position for few minutes and thereafter we cleaned ourselves ate our food and slept in each other’s arms like real husband wife. We enjoyed the routine for three full days and I still cannot believe how a well mannered timid person like Mr. Baxi can change into a tiger in the bed. If you like the story sends your comments on