Sunday, 2 September 2012


We were barely out of high school. Only a couple of weeks until I moved to the big city to go to university. Our childhood was over and we knew nothing would ever be the same. Reminiscing about our childhoods and all the things we went through growing up, although we were eighteen and considered adults, but we were still so naive and played childish games.

It all started with an innocent game of truth or dare. After the three of us went through many truth questions I finally chose a dare. *Jan dared me to kiss Ruby. I was nervous and shy, I could feel myself blushing. I had often fantasized about kissing girls, but never actually considered doing it. I spitted and sputtered trying to talk my way out of this dare. Jan shook her head and insisted that I had to do it. Ruby, blushing took my hand and told me it was okay. I leaned in, looking in her eyes, and gave her a peck on the lips. I could feel my pussy moisten as I felt her lips on mine. I quickly pulled away.

Next Jan had to pick a dare. Ruby dared her to lift up her nightshirt. With no hesitation, Jan flashed us, showing off her perky round tits, her pink nipples erect. I felt my cheeks get red as my clit began to throb and swell. Next it was Ruby’s turn. To be safe she chose truth. Keeping with the theme, I asked her if she had ever fantasized about being with a girl. She blushed and looked away from us and mumbled that she had. This was getting interesting.
Just as I was about to chose truth, Jan leaned in and kissed Ruby. Ruby and I were both shocked. We were not sure how to react or what to say. Then Jan removed her nightshirt and took our hands placing them on her tits. Ruby and I looked at each other shocked. Jan leaned in and licked my cheek putting her hand between her legs and down her boxer shorts. My pussy was wet and throbbing. I didn’t know what to do next. Ruby removed her hand from Jan’s breast leaning in and sucking Jan’s nipple.

What the hell was going on!?

I started to squeeze Jan’s breast and play with her nipples, taking my other hand and putting them down my underwear. I felt my juices flowing out of me as I rubbed my clit, watching my two friends play with each other.

Removing her shorts, Jan grabbed my hand on her breast and stuck my fingers in her mouth, licking and sucking, I felt my pussy ache. Removing my fingers from her mouth, she put my hand between her legs. I looked down at her pussy. It was pink and shaved. I had never touched another girl’s pussy before and had never seen one shaved and so smooth.

I looked over at Ruby, she sat there licking her lips, watching as I ran my finger between Jan’s pussy lips. Jan was so wet and her juices smelt sweet. I stuck two fingers inside of her, feeling around, she was so warm and smooth. She moaned as I rubbed my thumb over her clit. Ruby came closer to us, and that is when I realized that she was naked now. She leaned in and kissed me, her huge tits bouncing as she stuck her tongue in my mouth.

I took my fingers out of Jan, about to wipe her juices off my fingers onto a blanket, but Ruby grabbed my hand and sticks my pussy soaked fingers into her mouth.

I grabbed Ruby’s voluptuous tits and nuzzled my face into them, licking and sucking her nipples. Jan was behind me, pulling down my underwear, I feel something enter my soaked pussy. I realize that it is the handle of a hairbrush. She rams the handle in and out of my pussy as I suck and nibble on Ruby’s nipples. I moan pretty loudly and Ruby puts her hand over my mouth to stifle me.

Eventually we are all naked, exploring each other inside and out. Hands roaming and moans of pleasure. Every once in awhile we hear motion in the next room where Ruby’s parents are watching television. We stop and listen to make sure nobody is coming into the room, after we realize it is a false alarm, we continue our exploration.

We fondle each other, awkwardly at times, and other times so gracefully. Fingering each other, rubbing each other, kissing and sucking. We take turns going down on each other, all getting a taste of the other’s wet warm pussies. Biting and scratching each other, laughing and giggling, sticking various objects in each other.

Finally hours pass, and it is about 3 a.m. We are exhausted. I can feel my eyes growing heavy. We find the blankets that were thrown on the floor during all of the commotion and cover ourselves over, the three of us spooning wrapped in each others arms, we fall asleep.