Sunday, 2 September 2012

Innocent days

Dear readers, this is my true story accept for the names have never written a story before so this is my fist time.
My name is Anila, 19 years of age, My story starts when I was in class 9th in Convert of J&M, we were a group of six girls which was well known in the school we were also considered to be very proud as we were the most beautiful & charming. We got aware of sex in class 7 or 8 and we were always trying to discover new thing since than. We read different sexy love stories which always made us wet.
Before our 10th exams our teacher Mrs. gore suggested that we should take an extra class of math’s from her at her residence. Our parents agreed and we started going to her house in the evenings.

One day Mrs.Gore asked us if we were aware of sex We lied and said that we were not aware. So she started telling us each and every thing, male body female bodies how a baby is born etc.etc.

Her style was so sexy all the time that we used to come 2or 3 times. One day she asked us if we have ever seen a penis before, we said no, as we had never seen a real penis.

She asked if we were interested to see we were very happy and said yes. She brought a man in the room with his eyes wrapped with a black cloth; he was about 40 and 6ft tall. We knew that he was Mr.Gore although he could not see us but still we were very much affarid. Mrs. gore said that there is nothing to worry and she started taking his trouser off. We were all shocked to see a real penis first time ever it was about 7? and as thick as a cucumber. Mrs. gore asked me first to touch it, at first I was very much afraid but than she encouraged me. So I slowly put my hand around it, an electricity passed through my whole body it was so warm and soft, I closed my eyes with pleasure and suddenly felt that it was becoming hard & hard I opened my eyes to see it oh I could not believe on my eyes it had grown upto atleast 10?. I put my both hands around it and still could hold only half of it. All my friends were also in the same condition as I was. Mrs. Gore asked all the girls to hold it turn by turn I did not like the idea, as I was not willing to stop holding it I came 4 times and all my penties were wet. Than Mrs. Gore asked us to put it in our mouth .I started it first and was joined by my friends we were all equally hot, & wet, were equally enjoying it. Every girl wanted to keep penis with her, we were almost fighting for our turn, than suddenly something started coming out of it, Mrs. gore asked us to drink it. It was too less for us six .I remember it was so good like warm water a bit saltsh.

Now it became our every day routine, we could not wait to get to Mrs. gore’s house it was very hard to spend time. Than one day Mrs. Gore said it time to learn more and she asked us to take our cloths off, we were shy first as non of us had ever shaved our pubic area as we were all afraid of doing So. IWas the most hairy among my friend my entire vagina was covered by thick hair of almost 3years. Mrs. Gore took my Shalwar (Trouser) off and gave me a smile, she asked me to lie on the bed as I did she started trimming my hair with scissors than all my friends also had a trim this was our first ever cut, (she thought us how to shave later).

I remember my 2 other friends & me had few very very long hairs around our nipples, which Mrs.Gore cut. Mr.Gore walked in the room (he always had his eyes covered with thick black cloth) we were all naked we started giving him a blow job, but soon Mrs. Gore stopped us she asked me to lay on the bed, I did so than she asked me to open my legs I did, she asked rest of the girls to watch, I did not know first what is going to happen, soon Mr. Gore put his tunge between my legs, I enjoyed it so much that I came immediately. Mr. gore sucked all the water out of my vagina, I was so hot that I was turning here & there. Soon I felt some thing hard on my vaginal lips, than I fainted. I felt someone throughing water on my face and calling me, it was Mrs. Gore, I felt pain and some thing in my body, which was cutting me. I saw Mr. Gore on top of me and stroking my vagina with his 10? penis I fainted again soon I felt pleasure which I cannot put in words and suddenly Mr. Gore got up and put his penis into my mouth I felt warm thick water in my mouth. To be continued.