Sunday, 2 September 2012

Neighbour hood computer expert

Swati (all names changed) was working as a teacher in a local primary school. She was 45 years, but had a voluptuous figure. She had huge breasts, wide hips and heavy buttocks. Her neighbour hood boys used to fantasize making sex with her, while masturbating in their bathrooms. Montu, her next door neighbour was 19 years was good looking and was expert in repairing computer hardware. Once Swati was facing problem with her computer, she was alone in the house. So she called Montu for helping her.Montu immediately agreed and started trouble shooting with the computer, within seconds he solved the problem. Swati was highly impressed she thanked him profusely.Montu smiled at her and said “Aunty simply thanks won’t do! Swati was amused; she asked him jokingly what he wanted.Montu without hesitation told her that he wanted to make love to her. Swati initially was furious, but as she was deprived of sex for a long time, as her husband had slowly become impotent over the years.So she admonished him initially, She was also afraid that her other neighbors would become suspicious, so she refused.Montu was not in a mood to give up so easily, he pulled Swati into his strong arms and started kissing her all over her face. Swati could not resist for a long, she also started co-operating with Montu.Now they were kissing each other deeply.Montu also inserted his tongue into Swati delicious mouth. Now Montu’s fingers started roaming on the body of Swati, he started caressing her breasts over her clothes.Swati was enjoying immensely. She helped Montu in removing her clothes.Montu was delighted to see her huge melon like breasts, he started squeezing them, Swati started moaning “Aaah Montu please do it gently, but Montu had become crazy after seeing his fantasy woman in the nude, he started removing her panty, She helped him and started tugging at Montu’s clothes.Swati was experiencing the hardness of his erect penis,through his jeans and was dying to see the monster. She removed the jeans and was shocked to see his 12 “ inches long & 3” inches wide “King Cobra” Montu pushed her on the bed and clambered over her. He started kissing her from top to bottom. He also licked her navel and her smooth thick thighs. Now his fingers started exploring her hairy triangular mound. He first inserted one finger then inserted second one.Swati was writhing in pleasure, “Montu don’t waste your time, immediately enter me and liberate me. She was on the threshold of a mammoth orgasm, but Montu was busy trying to lick her clitoris.Now he could feel her wetness. Montu understood the signal, he took out a dotted Kamasutra condom from his jeans, Swati helped him in putting over his throbbing penis. Swati widened her thighs and kept one pillow below her heavy buttocks.Montu clambered over her, placed his penis near her wet cunt and gave a push.Swati was totally wet so the huge “King Cobra” entered easily.Montu started the to and fro motion slowly, Swati responded his thrust by raising her hips. Now the room resonated with sounds of “Phachak Phachak” and moaning of Swati. Montu was also kissing her simultaneously on her lips nipples. Swati : “Montu, faster deeper” , Montu obeyed her increased his tempo and ruthlessly plowed deeper into Swati .After 10 minutes he clutched, Swati tightly and started ejaculating into her,Swati also climaxed simultaneously. She told Montu, to lie on her for some more time. They both kissed each other warmly and Montu left the place after promising Swati that he would ,make love to her as an d when time permitted. This story should be entered into category of neighbours.Married unsatisfied, Ladies aroundBaroda,Ankleshwar Bharuch may contact the writer on